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Medical Negligence Solicitor DublinIn 2012 the State Claims Agency recorded 84,000 reported Medical Accidents. Last year St. James Hospital, Dublin published a report showing that 100 patients per year in that hospital suffered premature death caused by a greater than 6 hour delay in providing treatment in their A&E Department. Despite these startling statistics, just over 600 medical negligence actions were litigated according to the Courts Service statistics.

Medical Negligence is professional negligence by act or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient.

A health care provider is an individual or an institution that provides preventive, curative, promotional, or rehabilitative health care services to individuals, families or communities.

The following are examples of individual health care providers;

Medical Negligence Solicitors Dublin - Medical Malpractice In Ireland.

Medical Negligence occurs when a medical professional breaches a standard of care owed to a patient which causes the patient to suffer a resulting injury or loss. Such injury or loss may have been caused by any of the following;

Error or delay in diagnosis
Failure to act on test results
Error in performance of a procedure
Failure to fully communicate the risks associated with procedures
Error in administrating treatment or administrating drugs
Inadequate follow up

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Medical Negligence Solicitors Dublin-Common Faults with Irish Accident & Emergency Centers in Ireland

Actual Diagnosis

Diagnosis Error

Actual diagnosis is described as, A clinical judgment about changes to health conditions/life processes that exist in an individual or community,e.g.

Diagnosis error is described as a preventable adverse effect of care of a patient, whether it is apparent to the patient or not. This could be an incomplete or inaccurate diagnosis of a patient

Heart attack

Gallstones, indigestion


Viral infection

Brain hemorrhage


Dislocated shoulder

Muscle tear

Fractured knee

Knee sprain

 Symphysiotomy Issues in Ireland's Medical Sector

Symphysiotomy was a barbaric practice carried on women during childbirth which involved a surgeon deliberately breaking the woman's pelvis to make delivery easier.

It is believed up to 1,500 women may have endured the procedure between 1944 and 1992.

Victims were given no information prior to or after the surgery, and there was no informed consent.

Women were left with permanent ailments, including incontinence, chronic pain, prolapsed organs and neurological and psychological problems. Some were left permanently disabled.

The procedure was performed in preference to the safer and more standard Caesarean section - as recently as 1994.


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